Two Things I Learned About Positioning Yourself

Mon, Aug 21, 2017


Today while I was on a motivational webinar I learned two very important things about positioning yourself.

First, this webinar was presented by Mr. Mark Hoverson, a master of motivational information.

Today he was helping us understand how to raise your vision towards the precious treasure, the treasure of your life as you view it.

Most people don’t really have a vision for their life, they just go along day by day doing what they have always done, what their parents and grandparents have always done, never understanding or realizing there just might be a different and better way to life your life.

So, when you start on a journey to self-empowerment through entrepreneurship, it can sometimes be difficult to always keep that vision in front of you.

Today I learned two things that just might help you.

The first thing I learned is to actually raise your vision towards the precious treasure and the key is to remember that this is available quite liberally to both the wise and the foolish, there is no prejudice here.

How you raise that vision is to imagine you are surrounded by those precious treasures that you have envisioned for yourself. Imagine them in your very dwellings, in your surroundings, in front of your eyes, minds and hearts.

The second thing I learned is to not squander your vision.  What that means is not to have your vision and then worry and fret about it. When you do that you squander it, you waste it, you under use it. So don’t trifle with your vision, don’t throw it away, don’t fritter it away.

See your vision and then move towards that vision, one step at a time, then the more steps you take towards it the closer it gets.

To position yourself for success you must always be aware of the little things that will creep into your mind, your thoughts and actions and recognize them for what they are and ignore them. Focus only on your vision. Don’t let others sway you with their version of what your vision is. After all, it is your vision, not theirs.

Those are two very powerful things I learned today about how to position yourself for success. To win at whatever your vision of life is.  The most important thing after all of this is to never, never, never give up!

Elaine Twiss


If you would like to know more about these concepts and how Mr. Hoverson presents them you can check out this free webinar that will go into detail how this all works to give you the life you envision. You can access it here:


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