The Future Of Technology

Fri, Jun 17, 2016



future of technology


The future of technology looks to be unending.

If you are in the work force, or in school you know how much technology has advanced in just the last five years alone.


Have you thought about how technology will advance in the future, even just five years out?

Well someone has and they have written an article that is very interesting.

The article was written by Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP who is Co-Founder & Chairman-World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, World Chairman-International Medical Commission, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board -A4M, Founder & Chairman-Interntional Sports Hall of Fame, President Emeritus-National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Chairman – U.S. Sports Academy’s Board of Visitors.

Here is the article:


This article really got me thinking about the future of technology and how it will impact the lives of people everywhere.

What do you think?


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