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At Your Service

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Back in the day,  "at your service" was an expected phrase from anyone who ran a business .The idea was that business owners were at the service of the general public to provide a product or service they really wanted. So, what happened? I think the short answer is, technology. Today we have available at our fingertips, via the internet, virtually anything we can think of.  We can purchase something and have it delivered right to our door with the click of a button. So where has Read more [...]

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Personal Service

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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By personal service I mean having a live, living person answer your telephone inquiries and personally direct callers to the correct department or person. My husband and I have a small business.  He is the product, or service and I am everything else.  One of my duties is to answer the telephone.  On any given day I talk to several people, some who make appointments, some who are trying to sell me something and some who just want more information about our service. All day long, Read more [...]

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