Personal Service

Wed, Jun 26, 2013


By personal service I mean having a live, living person answer your telephone inquiries and personally direct callers to the correct department or person.

My husband and I have a small business.  He is the product, or service and I am everything else.  One of my duties is to answer the telephone.  On any given day I talk to several people, some who make appointments, some who are trying to sell me something and some who just want more information about our service.

All day long, I am there answering the phone.  When I am not there an answering machine takes my place.  I have my voice directing people to leave a message and nine times out of ten people will start their message with addressing me by name.

Our clients appreciate personal service.  They know me and they feel they can talk to me like an old friend and many times if they have to wait in the waiting room I spend time visiting with them.

I am like the bartender, people talk about their troubles, their triumphs, their children and all sorts of things.  Every day I learn something new from someone.  I know that our clients feel comfortable and at home here in our office.  I believe that is because we offer personal service.

There are other offices like ours who have their clients check in with an electronic card, they never talk to anyone, they just swipe their card and go into their treatment room, see the practitioner and leave again.

To me, that is not personal service.  In this modern age most companies have an automated receptionist.  There is a computer answering the phones and a digital voice directs people to either hold, or press this button or that button and after that they may be directed to press some more buttons before they finally connect with a person.

I know from what people tell me, they are sick and tired of automated receptionists and pushing buttons.!

I read somewhere that it is comforting to people to speak with an actual live person when they are calling a business, regardless of the reason they are calling.  They like to know that they are speaking with someone who is alive and breathing.

The same can be said for anyone who has an online business.  Being available for and to people is very important.  Your personal voice on the phone is the best way to connect with people who are interested in your business, your product or your service.

What does personal service mean to you?  I am curious how people would answer this question.  Please leave a comment and tell me what personal service means to you.

Elaine Twiss

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