How To Fire Your Boss

Fri, Dec 9, 2016


Have you ever wondered how to fire your boss?

If you are working a job that just pays the bills but doesn’t give you the lifestyle and the freedom you want, you probably fantasize about coming in one day and telling your boss you are no longer working because you have found your freedom.

Freedom for a job.

Freedom from lack of money.

Freedom from lack of time for yourself.

Those are all things so many people, especially in our current economic situation dream about.

Well, let me introduce you to two young men who have learned how to fire their bosses and now live a laptop lifestyle.

They have found money freedom.

They have found time freedom.


they have found a way to earn more income than they did at their jobs just by using their laptops.

Recently, one of them, Chris posted in a group that we are both members of, and this is what he posted:


A few good friends and I just wrapped up an adventure week from a beautiful Renaissance property in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

3 bedrooms + play loft…
6 beds…
4 bathrooms…
Full kitchen…
15 minutes away from the ski mountain…


Simply can’t beat it.

(The same exact property and dates were quoted for over $2,200 on

That’s over $1,700 in savings in a single trip.

We took our extra savings and:

– Rented the best ski’s available for the week
– Hired private ski lessons on the mountain
– Soaked in natural hot springs in downtown
– Ate and drank like kings each day
– Bought brand new ski gear (new pants, gloves)
– Purchased a few sovereigns to take home

This was a vacation I’ll never forget.


For more information on Renaissance and how it can save you money on your vacation, please click here:

I would say that when it comes to living life on your own terms and finding a way to fire your boss, Chris has done a masterful job!


Elaine Twiss

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