Emu Oil

Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Emu Oil

Emu Oil, is it the new cure-all?

Emu Oil

First, let me say that I am in now way, shape or form connected to or associated

with anything or anyone that has anything to do with Emu oil. I receive no

compensation whatsoever for promoting this product.  I am a satisfied user of

the product and wish to pass along to anyone who is interested the benefits of

this oil.


I was introduced to Emu oil a few years back by an acquaitence.  I don’t recall

exactly who actually gave me the product or when.  For a while it just sat on a

shelf and I never really thought about it.  Then, as usually happens in the winter, my

skin got very dry, my hands in particular.  Every winter my hands become like

sandpaper from the dry air and I use a lot of hand lotion to keep my skin soft.

The area around my thumbs, where the skin meets the nail, always seems to crack

in the winter and this gets to be very painful.  I have tried all the different brands

of lotions and oils without any lasting effects.

 Emu Oil

After a few days of dealing with this painful crack in the skin around my thumb I

remembered the Emu oil.  I put a couple of drops on the cracked area immediately

I could feel it going to work.  Within an hour the area around the crack was

noticeably softer and didn’t hurt as much.  I reapplied the oil before I went to bed

and in the morning the crack was already half closed over.  The oil seems to help

the skin grow over the open area and heal itself quicker. Before the end of the second

day there was hardly any crack visible and the pain was gone. I have used this oil

every winter since then, about six years, with fantastic results every time.


Another use I have found for this oil is for blisters.  I have a daughter that gets

terrible blisters on her feet whenever she gets a new pair of shoes.  Her feet are

very hard to fit and finding the right shoe size is always a challenge. Anyway, she

always deals with blisters for weeks after she gets a new pair of shoes and I

thought maybe this oil would help that too. Sure enough, after just two applications

the blisters were almost healed over and she could walk without pain again.


I won’t say this is a miracle product, but I will say that from my experience it is

pretty close.  Whatever the magical ingredient is, it seems to speed up the healing

process and the renewal of skin over the affected area.  It works equally well on

cuts, stitches from minor surgeries, blisters and of course cracked skin.







The above are just a few of the sites that I found where you can order Emu oil

online.  Take your time looking for a provider of the product, do some research,

and I know you will not be disappointed with what Emu oil can do for you.

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