Dream Vacation

Mon, Apr 9, 2012


Are you stuck wishing you could go on a Dream Vacation?

I would love to go back to Hawaii.

My husband and I had our honeymoon there in 1976! Quite a while ago.

Though we always wanted to go back, we never made it.

You know how it is, the stuff of living just seems to always get in the way of your plans of going away, without the children, for a few days and getting some much needed down time.

So I made a goal of taking that vacation, this year.

For years we thought it just was not possible, but, about a year ago, I  came to know someone, via the internet, who has changed my mindset and set things up to make this so possible for us.

She is an incredibly talented, and giving person who has shown me how I can easily get this travel thing back on track.

Her name is Andrea Goodsaid.

She just sent me an email that I would love to share with you right now.

She says so perfectly what I wanted to say and she shares a part of her life and background that I just love. Here is her story:


About 18mos ago I tuned in to someone who 
basically helped me to dream again.

I’ll get into that in a minute – but first let me give
you a little back story on the whirlwind that was

the start of my life – with the love of my life.John Goodsaid.John and I met one dark night on the side of I95

near Burtonsville, MD … essentially a suburb of D.C.

He’d run out of gas…
I happened to be a roommate with a friend of the guy
who John was riding with and being the only one home
when they called, I was elected to bring the gas can.

About 1/2 way there – it dawned on me …they’d asked
for a can of gas – NOT a gas can.

ie. they were out of money. 

Only problem …? So was I! … LOL.

When I got there I verified my assumption and sure enough
not a bit of folding money between us.

But I had this habit – and it saved us.
See I’ve never been a smoker – and I’ve always found
pennies to be heavy and annoying so I had this ashtray
chock full of pennies …“I only got this pile of pennies – but you’re welcome
to them…”

He looked a little doubtful … but seriously – what else
was he gonna do? His truck was stuck on the side of Interstate 95 and it was getting late.So he took ’em.

Turns out I’d been collecting them there for quite some

time and it was more than $5 worth of pennies(at that time it nearly filled the gas can – today you might
get a gallon … I guess I better save nickles these days …)

That was the fall of 1992.

In March of 1993, there was this big blizzard on the East Coast.

I was still splitting a house with the same friends in Burtonsville –

it was this big old farm house in the middle of a huge piece 
of property – which was unusual even back then ’cause it
was surrounded by subdivisions. Having space to roam
was a big luxury.And people were constantly in and out of that house because
it was such a change from the sprawling DC suburbs…Okay and we were in our 20’s … I’ll admit to
a bit of partying too – grin.
So anyway – I arrive home before the worst of the blizzard
has hit – though I do get stuck in a drift at the end of the 1/8mile 
driveway. But I’m home.And guess who’s there – soon to be officially snowed in with us.


(well he sorta was – technically his 4×4 could have gotten him out
but everything else had come to a stand still and the roads were iffy
 … so he stayed)

Fast forward 19 years and one month …we have three beautiful kids
& we’ve barely been apart since that blizzard.

Guess you could say we hit it off 🙂

Yep just a little bit.

Okay so that’s the back story … now back to the travel 

I totally LOVE to travel.And in my early 20’s I did quite a bit of it.
I went to Europe twice; Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany,
Holland, France, Monaco … also  the US Virgin Islands many
times (my Dad was living there at the time), St Kitts,
etc …I traveled as a 21 year old with a cousin for weeks and
my then boyfriend worked for Air France so flying places was
easy.It was a serious blast.

But then that snow storm rolled in … 9 mos later came Miss Aleda
and travelling abroad got a whole lot more challenging.Plus the costs of real life started to poke its head in … there
was work to be done.

So we made camping and going to craft shows most every
weekend work for us. For 8 years it worked really well.
Then came Miss Morgan.Such a different kid from Aleda (they’re all so unique aren’t they??)
the show-going thing became 5x harder and a lot less fun.

And when’s something’s not fun … well … let’s just say,
I soon am looking in other directions for solutions.

I’d actually already started because production jewelry work
wasn’t especially the path to the life of freedom that I craved…

I found myself online more an more hunting for something better.(plus it had gotten to the point where I was hauling as much stuff
around with me to keep the kids occupied – as in even a little
couch and a TV for watching their videos – yes videos)

Then one day I lost Morgan at one of my shows. Poof she
was just gone.
Maybe you know that fear in the pit of your stomach feeling …And while I was looking frantically for her …

Several pieces of my more expensive [read: labor intensive] jewelry
pieces left the building in someone’s pocket.

I was so done.
And so was the travel.

Moving a family of 4 around just for grins and giggles just
didn’t seem to be possible past trips to visit family here and
there … and you know how that is a very different animal 
from a true vacation.

Most of the time you come home from family stuff and you
need a vacation from your vacation!

Know what I mean?Okay so fast forward again to just 18 mos ago.I’ve been online a long time, in recent years I’ve had some

mild successes and built up a coaching business that’s working
out okay – but I’m finding myself in basically the same
rut…Trading my time for money and no real freedom to
travel.In fact I’ve stopped dreaming of distant lands completely.

Then I met a man whose vision and story grabbed my attention
and just wouldn’t let it go.
Mark Hoverson is his name.
Perhaps you know him… if not – he’s this
family man with 4 kids, a beautiful wife, a ton to offer as a coach and
mentor and an 8 figure income he’d like to see all of us accomplishing.The things I’ve learned from him have not only exploded my
business on a bunch of different levels, I’m hitting leader boards
and winning contests and also cranking on the income
with a few different affiliate offers.

And the biggest shift for me in all this has been my thinking
about wealth and how leverage fits into it all……..
This lady has truly shown me how it is possible to work from home and have the time freedom and income to travel and enjoy life and take that dream vacation.  As my husband and I are approaching retirement age we are looking at taking a few trips and bringing in an income all without having to go out to “work”
If you think you would like to have this for yourself and would like to know what we are doing to bring in the income you can check out my websitehttp://lifestyledesign.network/h/twiss/

/ or send me an email message at: elainetwiss@gmail.com, or just leave a comment.

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